Date: March 25th 2022

Listen to Nabalayo discuss her views on where the future of East African music lies on Santuri Signal on Oroko Radio


Date: March 24th 2022

Jizingatie Mwenyewe is a powerful audio piece by Nabalayo addressing misogyny and racism in the Kenyan landscape and what they have to do with each other. It takes the voice of a woman tired of hearing about her own people killing and abusing women and demanding for introspection and accountability. The piece was released on 24th of March 2022 on Rec.on.org , facilitated by AGF.



Date: Mar 17th 2021

Mwizi I is the first track off the collaborative EP, Mwizi, between Kenyan artist Nabalayo and UK DJ/producer NKC.
Full EP Drops Friday 2nd April
Read the DJ Mag premiere here


Date: Feb 18th 2021

currents.fm common poster

COMMON is an open digital space for live events that returns every few weeks on Currents, a platform for music and music communities.
The second wave of COMMON 2021 will run from March 12 to March 21 where artists from all over the world will host workshops, curated music rooms, and perform their music.
Nabalayo is set to host a workshop on 19th March at 8 pm that will serve as an introduction to Kenyan folk music,  a topic she is passionate about. She is also on the COMMON MULTIVERSE lineup where she will perform a live set with music from her debut album and new music from 2021.
RSVP to attend for free here
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